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All Trainees nominated for On-Campus courses at IRISET should bring negative RTPCR test result of COVID-19 along with them while reporting at IRISET .They should not commence journey from their place without the possession of negative test result. IRISET allows the trainees joining the course late on this account

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Ongoing Courses
  • ITJE/01/08/2020(P-B)/B-VIII (11-Oct-21 to 03-Dec-21)
  • ITJE/02/07/2021/B-VII (18-Oct-21 to 10-Dec-21)
  • ISJE/02/07/2021/B-VII (18-Oct-21 to 03-Dec-21)
  • IDSJE/02/01/2021 (P-B)/B-I (15-Nov-21 to 10-Dec-21)
  • SAG/0127 (15-Nov-21 to 24-Dec-21)
  • RTSJE/0179 (22-Nov-21 to 10-Dec-21)
  • RSSJE/0318 (29-Nov-21 to 17-Dec-21)
  • IBTT/0063(P-B) (29-Nov-21 to 10-Dec-21)
  • EOIMP/0005 (29-Nov-21 to 03-Dec-21)
  • ETIMP/0005 (29-Nov-21 to 03-Dec-21)
  • ITJE/02/04/2021(P-B)/B-IV (29-Nov-21 to 14-Jan-22)
  • ISJE/01/09/2021(P-B)/B-IX (29-Nov-21 to 14-Jan-22)
  • ISJE/02/03/2021(P-B)/B-III (29-Nov-21 to 21-Jan-22)
  • RSPDC/0002 (29-Nov-21 to 17-Dec-21)
  • RTPDC/0002 (29-Nov-21 to 17-Dec-21)
  • RE-EXAM/013 (29-Nov-21 to 03-Dec-21)
  • DNC0101 (29-Nov-21 to 03-Dec-21)